Basic facts about geothermal and renewable energy in Iceland


The Mid-Atlantic ridge is the division between the American and European tectonic plates. The ridge runs across Iceland and forms an active volcanic belt, stretching from the south-west to the north-east corner. Within the active volcanic belt a number of high-temperature geothermal fields are found. These are areas with water temperature over 200°C at 1000 meters depth. About 32 high temperature fields have been identified in Iceland. Outside the active volcanic belt, 250 of 'low temperature fields' are found. These are defined as areas with temperatures less than 150°C at 1000 meters depth. The closer the low temperature fields are to the active volcanic belt, the higher the temperature.

High-Temperature Areas

High-Steam Pressure

Water in high-temperature areas heats up when it comes into contact with hot bedrock, which is heated by its proximity to magma. Because of the high-temperature, more minerals and gases are dissolved in the water in high-temperature areas. Hence, the water is not utilised directly for heating. However, high steam pressure and thermal power are well suited for heating up fresh water as a hot water supply and for generating electricity, which is precisely what occurs at the Nesjavellir power plant.

Hengill Area

The Hengill area is one of Iceland´s largest geothermal areas, linked to three volcanic systems. The westernmost and youngest system is the Hengill area, which comprises the Nesjavellir and Hellisheiði Power Plants.The Hengill system has erupted several times since the Ice Age, most recently about two thousand years ago. It is common to feel the volcanic activity beneath your feet at Hengill!

Geothermal Energy


Why Choose Iceland?

Iceland is the perfect location for energy dependent industries that require sustainable and green energy.

Selling Points:

  • Green image and zero carbon footprint
  • One of the world’s most reliable power infrastructures
  • High level of education and flexible labour market
  • Cool climate location between the USA and Europe
  • Access to markets in the USA and Europe
  • Free trade agreement between Iceland and China
  • Favourable business environment with official support
  • Low taxes and legislative framework
  • Economic gain through cost efficiencies
  • European and Scandinavian regulatory framework
  • Political and social stability and low crime rates
  • 100% Green and Sustainable Energy

    Hengill Area

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