Why Iceland?


Type of Company

Private Limited Company (PRLC)

A company limited by shares may have one or more shareholders.  When it is established the minimum requirement of share capital, including registration fee, is paid to the RSK (Directorate of Internal Revenue / Register of Enterprises division). The share capital requirement for a Private Limited Company is 500.000.- ISK (including the registration fee of 130,500 ISK. 

Before an establishment of a PRLC with a single shareholder can be made, a memorandum of association needs to be submitted to the RSK along with a VAT ID / Payroll form, Company Charter (stofnskrá), board resolutions (samþykktir), as well as a notification of the establishment of a PLC.

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Global Peace Index

Iceland was chosen as the most peaceful country in the world for the seventh consecutive year by The Institute for Economics & Peace. Iceland is followed by Denmark, Finland and Norway. Amongst the factors the institute takes into account are the proportion of citizens currently incarcerated, freedom of the press, perceived willingness to fight in wars, access to weapons, the rate of violent crime, gender inequality, and the amount of political corruption.

Source: Institute for economics and peace


Data Center


A Visit From France

Ségolène Royale, France´s Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy was recently at the Hellisheiði Power Plant as part of her official visit to Iceland.

The French Parliament recently passed a new energy policy with the intention of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing energy production with renewable sources.  ON Power´s CEO, Páll Erland, met with Minister Royale and the French delegation at Hellisheiði and gave a presentation before the group toured the site.

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Skilled Workforce

Iceland possesses a skilled workforce with a high-level of education. Consistently ranking in the top-10 for qualified engineers, IT skills and a high percentage of population completing a university education, Iceland has the human resources required to operate data centers.




Hellisheiði Geothermal Plant´s availability

Cost of Data Center Operations

10-year cost of data center operations