Geothermal Exhibition

Geothermal Energy Exhibition

What To See

The Exhibition is presented via interactive multimedia installations, wall displays and presentations. It allows visitors to examine Iceland‘s geothermal energy utilization in a clear and illuminating fashion. Our staff is at hand to guide visitors through the exhibition. A comprehensive look into geothermal utilisation, the exhibition includes:

  • a view of the turbine rooms
  • a short film about the origins of geothermal energy
  • an interactive presentation of the production process
  • an extensive collection of rocks & minerals
  • and much more!

A Gift From Mother Earth

In the exhibition shop we offer selected Icelandic quality souvenirs and gifts that celebrate Icelandic nature at affordable prices. We offer a great selection of products based on harnessing geothermal energy such as:

  • Geosilica, a 100% natural supplement, extracted from the high- temperature geothermal reservoirs in Iceland
  • Saltverk’s Flake Salt produced in Westfjords with 100% geothermal energy



Take a moment at Café Energy and enjoy the panoramic view at Hellisheidi! Treat yourself with delicious traditional Icelandic pastries and cakes and don’t forget to try our home made waffles, served with jam and whipped cream! We have drinks of your taste, hot or cold, wine and beer. Grab and go or enjoy your time in the café in a light and airy space overlooking the amazing covered moss lava field.

A perfect place to hang out with your bite and free Wi-Fi!

Outdoor Activities

The Hellisheiði Geothermal Plant is located at Hengill - a popular recreational area. Hiking trails, with a combined length of over 100 km, provide great scenery, including hot springs and warm rivers. The Hengill area provides an excellent opportunity to experience Iceland´s nature.