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Data Center

Data Center

Site locations are close to Iceland's main international airport and the capital city of Reykjavik. Three big scale locations for various types of operations are only 20 mins away from the city center.

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Secure and Fast Connections

Iceland is connected to the UK and mainland Europe through the Farice and Danice data cables, respectively. Iceland is connected to the North America network through the Emerald Express. Latency from Iceland to New York and Halifax is 40.6 ms and 33.7 ms, respectively. 

Competitive Edge

Iceland is the only country in Western Europe that still has large resources of competitively priced renewable energy 

ON Power has a definite competitive edge in a world of ever rising energy prices due to the low production cost of electricity in geothermal power plants. 

Graph source: BroadGroup, Data Center Analysis and Benchmarking of Iceland, June 2013

Downtown Reykjavík

Downtown Reykjavík

Free Cooling

Iceland´s location in the north atlantic means year-round access to cool air, drastically lowering operational costs related to cooling. Average year round temperatures in Iceland range from -3°C to12°C. Iceland is located right between North America and Europe, allowing a single data center to serve both continents.

Why Choose Iceland?

Iceland is the perfect location for energy dependent industries that require sustainable and green energy.

Selling Points:

  • Green image and zero carbon footprint
  • One of the world’s most reliable power infrastructures
  • High level of education and flexible labour market
  • Cool climate location between the USA and Europe
  • Access to markets in the USA and Europe
  • Free trade agreement between Iceland and China
  • Favourable business environment with official support
  • Low taxes and legislative framework
  • Economic gain through cost efficiencies
  • European and Scandinavian regulatory framework
  • Political and social stability and low crime rates